Step By Step Guide - Buyer Role

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Please follow the below mentioned steps to start using ProcEzy as a Buyer


  • Navigate to and click on the “Agents” Tab on your screen.
  • By default the list will be empty and you can add a new buyer agent (purchase team member) by clicking on the green circle on the top right of the screen.
  • Enter all relevant details for the Agent, verify email address and then click on the submit button.
  • You will now see the details of the agent you just created. 
  • You can activate or deactivate the agent by clicking on the toggle button under the actions column.
  • Now your buyer agent will be able to log into ProcEzy and start using the platform with the credentials you entered.


  • Clicking on the search tab will take you to the search page.
  • This is where you can search for the product or SKU that you want and ProcEzy will list out all the available sellers offering the product on the platform and details regarding the product.
  • There are two search options. Search by Product and Search by Seller

Search by Product

  • Select the search by product radio button, this is the default search option.
  • You can select the region that you want to search this product in i.e a specific city like Bengaluru or Mumbai or you can choose to search for the product Pan-India.
  • Enter the category, Manufacturer, Model and SKU of the product that you want to buy or enquire about and click on “view results”
  • This will list out all sellers who are selling that product SKU in the selected region in its own dedicated search tab. You can switch back to the search page by either clicking on “search home” tab on the top left or click on on the “Search” tab in the menu.
  • You may search for multiple product SKU’s at the same time and toggle between the search results by clicking on the dedicated search tab for that SKU search.

Search By Seller

  • If you already know which seller you want to enquire from or place an order on for a specific SKU or if you want to explore a sellers offerings you may use the search by seller option.
  • Click on the Search by Seller option.
  • Choose the city you want to view sellers in and select the seller from the drop down list of sellers available in that city.
  • You can now view the categories and SKU’s that the selected seller is put up on ProcEzy to sell.
  • Choose the SKU that you want to know more about and click on view results.


  • Search for the specific SKU that you are interested in.
  • You will now get a list of sellers who are dealing with that product. You will get a basic overview of the product and the commercials of the product on this page. For a more detailed view of that the seller is offering please click on the “View Details” button. 
  • This will take you to the sellers page for that product. Please note that you can also open multiple listings from different sellers for the SKU that you searched for and toggle between them using the search tabs right above the product image. You may also search for multiple SKU’s and compare the same.
  • Here you can specify the quantity you are looking for and click on “add to cart”
  • In the Cart view you can choose to include any add-on products for that SKU if they are being sold by the seller or just choose to go ahead with the base product.
  • Click on confirm order if you want to place the order. This will then reflect in your orders tab and you can start a chat with the seller by clicking on the relevant entry in the orders tab
  • If you wish to get custom pricing for a SKU or have a custom requirement in terms of qty etc. Please click on the Send Enquiry button. This will create a chat room for the specific enquiry which can be accessed either directly through the Chat tab or by clicking on the relevant enquiry in the “Enquiry” tab.
  • You may request special price or terms that you want and negotiate with the seller here.
  • On acceptance of negotiated offer, the enquiry will be converted to a Order and will be accessible from the orders tab.


  • Click on the enquiry tab in the menu options.
  • Here you will see all the enquiries that you have sent to sellers
  • You can monitor the enquiries by scrolling through the list of enquiries or use the filters to drill down on a specific enquiry that you want to examine.
  • Clicking on the enquiry will take you to the chat room specific to that enquiry where you can request for a negotiated price or ask any specific query. You may also share documents and images here.
  • When the seller offers a custom price, you may either accept or reject it. Once accepted the enquiry is converted into an order and will now be accessable through the orders tab. 
  • You can click on the entry in the orders tab and see all the relevant chat history associated with the product enquiry

Admins can monitor the enquiries and chats initiated by their agents under the "Enquiry" Tab and can further drill down to specific agent/vendors by using the filter at the top.

You may also choose to use the chat interface to send documents such as Purchase Orders, product specifications etc.



  •  Click on the orders tab in the menu options.
  • Here you will see the orders that you have sent either directly or enquiries that were converted to orders.
  • You can view details of all orders by scrolling through the list of orders or use the filters to drill down to a specific order that you want to examine.
  • You can click on the order to see the chat history of the order with the Seller. If its a direct order with no chat history, a new chat window will be created and you can communicate with the seller and share relevant information.
  • For orders that have Add-on items included in it, you can get a detailed view of the same by clicking on the "Add-on" button under the "Add-on" column. Please note that you wont see an Add-on button if the corresponding order does not have any Add-on products associated with it.
  • Under the order status column, you may change the status of the order by clicking on the current status and updating it from the options given in the drop down list. This will help you keep track of the current status of each order.

We encourage you to update the order status as this will help you keep a track of your orders.

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